Ministry Of Earth Sciences
Government of India

Earth Day Celebration 2013

Earth day is the largest, most widely celebrated International event as it provides a chance to remember what an amazing planet we live on. It is the only planet in our solar system teeming with incredible biodiversity. People all over the worlds celebrate and make efforts to protect planet and it environment.

Ministry is celebrating Earth Day on 22nd April each year for past few years and to continue the previous year activities and encourage the children on this occasion.

Theme of the activities is proposed as “Future Earth”. A variety of topics and activities are given for the selection. The details are placed on the website of the Ministry (i.e. HYPERLINK "")

The competition for the following Age Groups and corresponding time duration mentioned below:

(i) Students of Primary class level for 1 hour duration.
(ii) Students from class 6th onwards and upto Secondary class (10th standard) level for 1 ½ hour duration.
(iii) Students from Senior Secondary (11th standard) and upto graduation level from college for 2 hour duration.

Guide lines:

Theme: Future Earth
Type of activities
Proforma for the submission of Proposal