12.2 Oceanographic Research Vessel(ORV) Sagar Kanya

The survey and exploration of marine non-living resources is being carried out by the Oceanographic Research Vessel (ORV) Sagar Kanya since 1984. The vessel is fitted with sophisticated facilities for carrying out research in the field of physical and chemical oceanography, marine biology, meteorology, marine geology, marine geophysics, etc. During the year the vessel undertook 13 scientific cruises and the following scientific investigations were carried out during the course of the year;

- Collection of sea truth data for validating satellite derived oceanic parameters and validation campaigns for IRS-P3 Modular Opto-Eelectronic Scanner (MOS).

- Deployment, retrieval and servicing of the shallow and deep water data buoys in the Arabian Sea under the National Data Buoy Programme of the Department.

- Bathymetric data was collected off Goa, in Arabian Sea for delineation of outer limits of continental shelf during Cruise No. SK-134.

- Multidisciplinary experiments under the INDOEX programme with the participation of 31 scientists and technicians from various national laboratories.

- BOBMEX pilot project in the Bay of Bengal for Monsoon Experimental studies.

- Trial testing of various subsystems of the crawler at shallow depth.

- Land Ocean Interaction in Coastal Zone (LOICZ) studies for comprehending climate change induced reactions in the coastal regions.