12.1 Fishery and Oceanographic Research Vessel (FORV) Sagar Sampada

The FORV Sagar Sampada, a multi-purpose fisheries and oceanographic research vessel has been carrying out survey of the Indian Exclusive Economic Zone ever since 1984.

During the period under report, FORV Sagar Sampada continued investigations on Living Resources and the oceanographic factors influencing their distribution. The vessel conducted 10 cruises, including 2 trial cruises, covering a total track length of 18531 nautical miles both in the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. Eleven organisations including the Department of Ocean Development with 203 participants, conducted the studies.

The major scientific investigations/research carried out by FORV Sagar Sampada during 1998-99 are as under:

Radioisotope studies on circulation patterns of the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea water masses so as to develop a first level circulation pattern model for BOB water.

High resolution palaeo-climate studies were undertaken by collecting core samples close to the Andaman Island chain.

CTD casts, gravity coring, total CO2 and nutrient measurements were undertaken from 10 selected locations in the Bay of Bengal.

FORV Sagar Sampada rescued stranded fishermen off the West coast of India during Cruise No. 165, on 15th May, 1998, by the coordinated efforts of the ship's officers, fishing officers and the other departmental personnel.