5.3 Satellite Coastal & Oceanographic Research (SATCORE)

The SATCORE project is designed to develop capability for an operational retrieval of met- ocean parameters like Sea Surface Temperature(SST), winds, waves, bathymetry, suspended matter, mixed layer depth, chlorophyll, aerosol, water vapour, clouds, currents and sea level from satellite sensors. The main objective is to generate algorithms for retrieval of coastal, oceanic and meteorological parameters of interest from the available/new satellite sensors which would form an important component for operational ocean state forecasts. In addition, data assimilation models on waves and ocean circulation will also be developed. The algorithms are being developed in two phases. In Phase-I, packaging of software for retrieval of parameters such as waves, wind, SST, mixed layer depth, bathymetry and heat flux is being carried out whereas under Phase-II, retrieval algorithms for the parameters like chlorophyll, Antarctic snow, aerosols, water content, sea level, rainfall and currents will be developed. Additionally, the algorithms envisaged in Phase-I and -II would be fine-tuned and converted into software packages for operational use in the Ocean Information Services (OIS). R&D activities for upgradation of existing algorithms were continued.