10.2 Bilateral Programmes

10.2.1 Antarctic Programme

In pursuance of the MOU on scientific, technical and logistic cooperation signed between the Department of Ocean Development and the National Council for Antarctic Affairs (CONAAN) of the Republic of Peru in 1997, the first joint technical meeting was held at Lima on 3-4 August, 1998. The two member Indian delegation was headed by Secretary, DOD. Within the ambit of the MOU, the two sides agreed for active cooperation in Antarctic Geology and krill biology studies through participation of scientists in each others' expedition for conducting joint scientific experiments.

10.2.2 Underwater Technology

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between DOD and the Russian Academy of Sciences in January, 1999 for undertaking joint technology development programmes/projects in the field of deep sea exploration/exploitation and relevant instrumentation, particularly in the context of mining nodules from a depth of 6000 m from the Indian mining site at the Central Indian Ocean Basin. Joint technology development, design and manufacture of underwater marine submersibles and other equipment between institutions in India and Russia and assisted by industries for oceanographic research and exploration has been envisaged in this cooperation.

10.2.3 Cooperation with Korea

An agreement between DOD and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Government of Korea is finalised and will be coming into force shortly for promoting development and cooperation in the field of Ocean Science and Technology between the two countries. The possible areas of collaboration among others would be deep sea bed mining, physical modelling and testing of offshore structures, ocean energy, underwater instrumentation, etc.