9.1 Exhibitions & Fairs

9.1.1 Lisbon Expo'98

As part of the celebrations of the International Year of the Ocean, a four month long Expo'98 was organised at Lisbon, Portugal from May 22-September 30, 1998 on the theme "The Ocean - Our Heritage for the Future". About 145 countries participated in this event and the Department put up an integrated display in the India pavilion covering activities of the Department relating to Polar science, marine resources, Ocean Observation and Information Services, deep sea mining technology and ocean energy.

9.1.2 Agrasar'98

The achievements and milestones of Indian science and technology being the focal theme of this exhibition organised at India Gate Lawns, New Delhi from August 4-16, 1998 to commemorate 50 years of India's independence; an impressive pavilion measuring 250 sq. m. was used to depict the strides made by our country in the fields of Antarctic science, recovery of polymetallic nodules, obtaining energy from the oceans, etc. A representation of the Antarctic locale and the film on the Indian Antarctic expedition drew large crowds, especially school children.

9.1.3 India International Trade Fair'98 (IITF)

The IITF is one of the most popular trade fairs organised by the India Trade Fair Organisation every year at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi and was held from November 14 - 27, 1998 in which the Department displayed various exhibits like panels, dioramas, models, translites and film shows. The multimedia quiz in the specially designed games corner proved to be a hit with both young and adults alike, as the specially developed computer software was a warehouse of information and little known facts on the oceans, Antarctica, etc., were disseminated by way of a touch screen flashing multiple choice objective questions accompanied by audio and video. Internet surfing of ocean-related websites, CD- ROMs and film shows on Antarctica, oceans, etc., also helped attract the huge crowds thronging this fair.

9.1.4 Indian Science Congress, 1999

The Indian Science Congress, one of the largest congregation of Indian scientific community held every year in a different part of the country, was held at Anna University, Chennai during January 4 - 7, 1999. The Science Congress Exhibition was also held concurrently at the same venue in order to use this forum to exchange ideas and make public the latest developments in the field of science and technology. Various panels, models, translites, etc., on the activities in the field of Ocean Science and Technology of the department and its autonomous institutes, i.e., National Institute of Ocean Technology, Chennai and Antarctic Study Centre, Goa, were put up. The display of data buoy and live demonstration of data captured through satellites from the data buoys installed in different locations along the coastal regions proved to be extremely popular with the crowds.