2.3 Antarctic Study Centre, Goa

Antarctic Study Centre (ASC) at Goa which was an attached office of the Department was converted into an autonomous institute with effect from September, 1998. This centre will be responsible for in-house R & D activities in polar sciences and for coordinating expedition activities. The ASC has been established as a national endeavour to develop expertise and excellence in the field of polar sciences and logistics through the discharge of the following responsibilities.

Serve as a nodal Institution responsible for planning, coordination and execution of the entire scientific and logistic activities of the Antarctic expeditions and to conduct a carefully balanced and optimum programme of front ranking science.

Establish and maintain a research base in Antarctica and provide all operational and logistic support.

Encourage cooperative research both at national and international levels, specially in the frontier areas of science which are emerging and have application potential, such as Global Change.

Conduct in-house research in the contemporary areas of :

climate modelling, sea-ice-ocean-atmosphere coupling; Antarctic paleoclimates; Southern Ocean oceanography;

monitoring all issues arising out of the Environmental Protocol;

develop a complete database inventory and repository for Antarctic and Arctic science and logistics including a polar museum and a library;

provide a fertile platform to generate specialised manpower for polar science and logistics;

cruise planning and management of the oceanographic research vessels engaged by the Department and to coordinate oceanographic survey and studies relating to Departmental programmes.