The Department of Ocean Development was created in July,1981 as a part of the Cabinet Secretariat directly under the charge of the Prime Minister. From March, 1982 it became a separate Department. Department of Ocean Development has been functioning as a nodal Department for organising, coordinating and promoting ocean development activities in the country, in line with the Ocean Policy Statement of 1982.The programmes pursued by the Department over the years have also kept pace with developments world over and addressed national needs and issues.

The thrust areas are:

Development of technology relating to (a) Seabed mining (b) Extractive metallurgy specific to polymetallic nodules (c) Ocean Energy:Wave and thermal (d)coastal and environmental engineering and (e) Marine Instrumentation.

Front ranking research in polar sciences.

Exploration of marine resources and their correlation with oceanographic parameters leading to exploitation parameters and strategies.

Integrated coastal and marine area management and coastal community development.

Human Resource Development, Creation of Centres of Excellance to facilitate optimum utilisation of ocean and its resources.

Observing, understanding and modelling Ocean processes

The programme contents are designed in a manner,as will lead to a sustainable and environment friendly exploitation of marine resources for the socio-economic benefit of the community. Programme oriented approach is taken with the organisation of activities as Scientific Research & Technology, Development & Management and Coordination.

Following describe the Departmental activities and projects implemented during 1997-98: