4.1 Marine Satellite Information Service (MARSIS)

MARSIS programme initiated in 1990 to develop capabilities for utilizing remote sensing technology for generation of useful ocean and coastal data products and to disseminate them to the end users on an operational basis, was continued. With National Remote Sensing Agency as nodal organization, other national institutes viz. National Institute of Oceanography, Space Application Centre, Institute for Ocean Management- Anna University, Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Orissa State Remote Sensing Application Centre and Centre for Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulations are participating in the programme. Five MARSIS centres have been set-up on east coast and west coast for interacting with down stream users.


Generation of daily Sea Surface Temperature for Arabian sea, Bay of Bengal and Indian ocean.

Dissemination of Potential Fishing Zone information to 174 fish landing centres.

Development of wet-land maps for Karantaka, Goa, Maharashtra and shore-line change maps for Goa, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh.

Completion of pilot studies on ocean surface wind vector from ERS-1 scatterometer for generation of fortnightly and monthly mean maps of wind vector.

Study of oceanic eddies over Indian Ocean.

Completion of modelling on internal waves using the IRS and ERS - 1 data.

Deployment of 12 drifting buoys in the Arabian sea, Bay of Bengal and Equatorial Indian Ocean for collection of in-situ Met-ocean data.

Completion of a pilot project on the development of Coastal Zone Information System (CZIS) for Rameswaram Taluk and Mahanadi Estuary mangrove region.