India's foray in Antarctica commenced with the launching of the first expedition in 1981. Thereafter, India has been sending multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional scientific expeditions to Antarctica regularly on an annual basis. The first Indian research station in Antarctica, "Dakshin Gangotri" was commissioned in 1983 and was functional until 1987. In 1988, the second Indian permanent station "Maitri", with modern infrastructural facilities for conducting contemporary scientific research was established in the Schirmacher Oasis. Dakshin Gangotri station is now maintained as a supply base. Scientists from diverse fields drawn from national laboratories, institutes and universities are provided with adequate opportunities to carry out experiments in all major branches of Polar Science. The logistic support is extended by the various wings of the Defence Services and Laboratories of the Defence Research and Development Organisation.

Summary of the work accomplished by the Fourteenth Expedition (1994-95) and the objectives set for the Fifteenth Expedition launched in December 1995, are enumerated below:

2.1 Fourteenth Expedition
2.2 Fifteenth Expedition Expedition
2.3 Special Cruise for Krill exploration
2.4 Antarctic Study Centre