10. Use of Hindi

Major part of the work of the Department of Ocean Development consists of promotion of scientific research and development in ocean sector and implementation of specific programmes through various national laboratories and institutions. Most of the scientific work is done by institutions located in Region 'C'. Inspite of the predominant nature of scientific work, efforts are being made to promote the use of Hindi in the day-to-day work to the maximum possible extent. All correspondence, papers, documents specified under Section 3(3) of the Official Languages Act, 1963, as amended, were issued both in Hindi and English during the year in review. Quarterly meetings of the Hindi (Rajbhasha) Implementation Committee were held under the chairmanship of joint Secretary (Adm) to review the progressive use of Hindi.

A Hindi Workshop was organised by the Department in August 1992 in which 15 officers participated. During the Hindi Week from 14-20 September 1992 competitions on essay writing in Hindi, noting, drafting and typing were held. Cash awards and certificates were awarded to the winners of the competition in a function held in October 1992.

Under the Mahasagar Puraskar Yojana which aims to promote original writings in Hindi in the field of Ocean Science, five books were received and one of these entitled' Sagar Manthan' by an officer of the Defence Research and Development Organisation was selected for the cash award of Rs. 5,000/-.

A seminar on 'Drugs from the Sea' was organised in Hindi. Papers presented by scientists and research scholars during this seminar have been compiled under the title 'Samudri Sansadhan aur Aushadhiyan' for publication. Articles on scientific subjects written by the officers of the Department were also published in national Hindi journals.

The Rajbhasha Vibhag reviewed the progress in use of Hindi in the day-to-day work of the Department and expressed its satisfaction. Posters in Hindi, glossary of scientific terminology, charts, books etc. were distributed among the officers of the Department with a view to facilitating the use of Hindi in official correspondence, noting etc.

Parliament Work

The meeting of the Consultative Committee of Parliament for the Ministry of Science and Technology, Departments of Ocean Development, Electronics, Atomic Energy and Space was held on 7 August 1992 The achievements and potential in the field of ocean development were reviewed at this meeting.

During the Third, Fourth and Fifth session of the Tenth Lok Sabha sessions one starred and twenty-seven unstarred questions were admitted and answered in the Lok Sabha between the period February-December 1992. Similarly during the 162nd, 163rd and 164th sessions of the Rajya Sabha, four starred and twelve unstarred questions were admitted and answered. Two Lok Sabha assurances were also fulfilled.