Ministry of Earth Sciences
Government of India

Call for Proposals in the area of Geosciences/Seismicity  


Ministry of Earth Sciences, the nodal agency for promotion of Earth Sciences related studies in the country, plans to launch i) a major programme in Andaman & Nicobar Island to understand the geodynamics of the region and ii) to develop damage scenarios for various Urban centers lie in the vicinity of Himalaya.

  1.  A.           Proposals are solicited from scientists/academicians working in relevant areas at different institutions in the country.  Proposals may be submitted to address any of the following issues:

1.      Crustal structure studies: delineation of deep structures by seismological (including ocean bottom seismometer), seismic, heat flow and gravity methods, and surface or shallow subsurface structures using GPR, shallow seismic, resistivity, geological methods, etc.

2.      Earthquake occurrence processes: seismological, geodetic methods, and dating of coral and paleoseismological & paleotsunami deposits.

3.      Detailed plate motion: Geodetic methods, dating of coral and paleoseismological & paleotsunami deposits.

4.      Geodynamic models: structure and thermal modelling using the above information, investigation on relation between earthquake occurrence in the frontal Arc and volcanic eruption in the back Arc, paleo-reconstruction for arc evolution.

5.      Tsunami modeling: development of various scenarios for the island and coastal India regions.

6.      Structure safety and public awareness: Structural engineering research and improvement in practices, training and public awareness about earthquake, tsunami.

  1.  B.           Proposals are also invited to develop damage scenarios for various urban centers, likely to be affected in the event of future major earthquakes in Himalayan region. To start with 1905 and 1934 earthquakes can be taken as examples to develop the scenarios.

    Proposals should include details on methodology, work plan, financial implications, facilities available with the institute, requirements to execute the proposed study as well as detailed bio-data of the PI/Co-PI etc.

    15 copies of the proposal may be submitted to the Ministry and may be sent to :

                               Head, Geosciences/Seismology Division,
                               Ministry of Earth Sciences,
    Room No. 507, Sat Met Building,
                               Mausam Bhavan, Lodhi Road,
                               New Delhi – 110003.
                               Ph.  91-11-24622511
                               E mail  bansalbk[at]nic[dot]in


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